“Do you think that’s air you’re breathing now?”


StudioAIRA is movement, perception, technology.

It ‘s a place where energy runs fast and ideas come true. Reality and imagination are two sides of the same element: colors turn into objects, things change appearance, geometry breaks out in the space and solids become fluid. The StudioAIRA creations are multisensorial landscapes that combine video, graphics, light, sound, architecture, interactivity. Artistic tradition converses with technological innovation, creating new relationships between classical art and digital language. Advertising, Brand Image, Corporate Communication, Fashion, Publishing: StudioAIRA works in different contexts with the same passion, attention for the details, accuracy of the sign, balanced composition of the space, purity of sound.

Customers who have believed in our vision :

Redbull, Vogue, Nike, Bvlgari, Nissan, Malboro, Sony, G-Shock, Enel, Martini, Bacardi, Lenovo, Ford, Cp Company, Elica, Atac, Renault, Hera, Spring Attitude Festival

Account Executive
Valerio Baiocchi

Art Director
Filippo M.Rotondi

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