BVLGARI Christmas Windows

BVLGARI Christmas Windows

Bvlgari, the iconic Italian jewellery and luxury brand made a series of textiles designed by Lucamaleonte, to decorate their worldwide network of stores during 2015 Christmas time.
studioAIRA, working close to the maison team, created a video teaser about the inspirational process behind the work of the artist, choosing a mixed technique of shooting and motion graphics.
A journey through the power and secrets underlying the process of creation, inspired by astrology, mysterious ancient civilizations, the forgotten constellations over the sky of Rome, magic and dreams, revealing a series of luxury jewels and their unique heritage.

A making off video about studioAIRA first version of the project, where every illustration was modelled in 3d, texturized with the original drawings and set up to be alive and animated.