A 360° video to show every step in the recycling chain of tires and about circular green economy.
The concept behind the movie was to use a 360° media to communicate the circularity of the recycling process, and to transform the user into an active subject.
In this story everything happens simultaneously in four different looping scenes, and these are connected to each other, so the movie is a potentially infinite long take; the user, just rotating its head, decides to navigate through the scenes, becoming in fact the director of the video.
Technically everything was rendered in stereoscopic 3D (to achieve deepness) and the audio was in ambisonic format (an engine that allows you to arrange sounds in a virtual space while the head rotates).
The project was presented at Ecomondo 2017, an international meeting of green Economy hosted at Fiera di Rimini, and was committed by Ecotyre, a leader industry operating in tires recycling.