Interactive Installation

During the "FUORISALONE" at Superstudio - Milan, we realized an interactive installation for GORE-TEX. Users moving on a planisphere, printed on the floor, generate (on a 12 meter long ledwal) a landscape based on the geological characteristics of the Earth coordinates.
The user wore a tracking sensor that allows the installation of more than 30 individuals at the same time.

Oceans, Deserts, Rocks, Hills,┬áMountains, Cities. This is where your purposes lead you, every day. You only have to focus your destination and, from then on, you’ll find yourself exactly where you achieved to be. Feel free to move, feel free to explore, feel free to plan. Feel free to define your perspective. Because as you set your own objectives, you shape the space wherein they take place. Therefore, feel free think only about yourself. This is our vision and mission to ensure you the comfort and protection you need to fix your objective and focus on you. In this interactive installation, you can move all around the world. to find each time a different place, discovering that the landscape will be shaped on you. So, where are you going to set your next goal?