Interactive Installation

During the "FUORISALONE" at Superstudio - Milan, we realized an interactive installation for GORE-TEX.
Users moving on a planisphere, printed on the floor, generate a latitude (user distance from the screen) and a longitude (user position along the screen) thanks to an indor positioning system.
This collection of data generate on a 12 meters ledwall a different iconographic layer (Oceans, Deserts, Rocks, Hills, Mountains, Cities) for each user and visualize his coordinates users' tracked; last but not least it could manage more than 30 users simultaneously.

Layerscapes, presented at Superstudio (Milan) during Fuorisalone 2017 for Gore-Tex, it’s an installation about freedom of movement, it describes a journey through coordinates and the landscape through colors and shapes in constant evolution. Layerscapes shows a dinamic scenery, made by different layers of landscapes and user movements’ in front of the ¬†screen.