Interactive Installation

Commissioned by Gore-Tex Europe, during their participation in Milano Design week 2017 at Superstudio Milan, attended by about 130,000 visitors in a week; studioAIRA designed an interactive site-specific installation inspired by the freedom of travelling through different altitudes and weathers thanks to Gore-Tex membrane.

Layerscapes was created thanks to the combination of a 12-meter led wall, an indoor positioning system, and a data visualization software able to manage up to 30 users simultaneously.
Moreover, sound design was composed with a collection of field recordings recorded by the studioAIRA team during their various travels during the last few years.

A visitor-generated visual installation where, every user, moving on a planisphere printed on the floor, makes an iconographic layer (Oceans, Deserts, Rocks, Hills, Mountains, Cities) appear on the screen according to his/her position, and all users together create an interactive constantly-changing artwork of landscapes.
Layerscapes describes our movements by coordinates and the world with shapes and colours that are continuously transformed.