A commission for a party video teaser becomes for studioAIRA the opportunity to make a panoramic flight all around some of AIRA’s distinctive fingerprints, a lucid dream with a flexible border between fiction and reality, made up by luxury skull and bones, geometric solids from pyramid to dodecahedron, crystals and diamonds: in a drop, pop culture at its finest.

MILK 01-(0-00-44-14)
MILK 02-(0-00-57-20)
MILK 03-(0-00-48-05)
MILK 04-(0-01-02-09)
MILK 05-(0-00-59-10)
MILK 06-(0-01-28-20)
MILK 07-(0-01-19-01)
MILK 08-(0-00-56-01)
MILK 09-(0-01-31-18)
MILK 10-(0-00-56-01)
MILK 11-(0-01-31-18)
MILK 12-(0-01-31-18)