A 360° Video: Illustrating Every Stage in the Tire Recycling Process and the Circular Green Economy: The objective of this project was to employ a 360° video format to convey the concept of circularity within the tire recycling process, effectively turning the viewer into an active participant.

In this narrative, a simultaneous sequence unfolds across four distinct looping scenes, all interconnected. As a result, the video is essentially an infinitely extensible single shot. The user, by simply turning their head, gains control over navigating through these scenes, effectively becoming the director of the video.

From a technical standpoint, the entire project was rendered in stereoscopic 3D to create depth, and the audio was presented in ambisonic format—a system that enables the arrangement of sounds within a virtual space as the viewer’s head rotates.

This project was showcased at Ecomondo 2017, an international gathering focused on the green economy, held at Fiera di Rimini. It was commissioned by Ecotyre, a leading company in the tire recycling industry.