StudioAIRA! met FENDI and Maison Francis Kurkdjian for Milano fashion week.

We were asked to represent the new Fendi Frenesia pink fragrance, created by Francis Kurkdjian, through sounds, shapes and motions to develop an synesthetic experience in a sensorial room at Fendi flagship store in Milan.
Through an attentive process we were able to analyze and convert the color and the scent into frequencies, waves and sinusoids which draw a force field that changes with time and rhythm, so that the vorticity of the liquid is guided by the melody.
The Fragrance dances to it’s own rhythm, crashing on transparent walls, separating it from the tangible world.

The Site Specific Installation

Experience a 360-degree view of our site-specific installation, along with images capturing the corridor before entering the multisensory room. Here, we’ve created a captivating video loop for a screen embedded into one of the columns, offering a sneak peek of the experience.

Some details from the entrance to the experience room.


Every single step of the production workflow, from particles simulation to the final output.