Over the years, we have been experimenting with photogrammetry techniques to enhance our ability to create highly realistic 3D models of real-life objects. Our proficiency in this field caught the attention of Gucci, who approached us to create 3D video content for the Gucci Garden Multimedia Museum in Florence.

Led by Max Siedentopf’s creative direction, we realized optical style content for the video wall installation dedicated to the signature bamboo bag.

As part of our process, we scanned several bamboo handbags and used photogrammetry to create a precise 3D model for each. These models were then elaborated, refined, and animated to produce high-res video compositions, which were projected onto the walls of the Bamboo Room in the museum.


Visualizing the detail of the Bamboo bags photogrammetry models – From the creation of the framework to the final output of the textured bags.

A few scenes from the complete video wall installation.

Codes Room Pattern Animation

In addition, we created playful animations using some of the brand’s monogrammed patterns for the Codes Room.