M.A.O.S. is a collective of multidisciplinary studios located in the Pigneto neighborhood of Rome, of which StudioAira is a part. Twice a year, the M.A.O.S. studios open their doors to host workshops, music sets, and exhibitions. For each edition, a different studio of the collective curates the visual communication of the event, and in June 2022, it was StudioAira’s turn to take on the role.

For the event, we came up with a symbol of a cat made from the letters of the acronym M.A.O.S. and designed a logo with a sparkly gold flakes texture to represent the studios as golden points of creativity scattered around the neighborhood and Muzio Attendolo Street.

Face Filter

As a part of our visual identity, we created an interactive face filter that shows off our M.A.O.S. logo in a fun and playful way.