Blooming is a digital culture festival, directed by Quiet Ensemble and held in the picturesque town of Pergola. Its purpose is to promote and disseminate various artistic experiences and research. In the 2018 edition of this festival, studioAIRA was invited to create a site-specific installation in the ‘Chiesa dei Re Magi’.

The installation, titled ‘Scar,’ serves as a symbol of uncertainty, raising questions about human actions and their consequences. It invites self-reflection on our impact on planet Earth and its ecology, blurring the lines between judgment and action, the natural and the unnatural. What if uncertainty is meaningful?

Constructed around a 6-meter LED screen, set in an unconventional video ratio, ‘Scar’ is supported by a robust iron framework entwined with cables, drawing inspiration from a dystopian cyberpunk fictional world. The installation continuously presents an audiovisual spectacle divided into three distinct acts: 1 – Human Beings, 2 – Ethical Fury, 3 – Creation. Access is limited to a maximum of seven attendees at a time.