W Rome – The Eternal Living


“We are thrilled to have collaborated with director Oliver Astrologo on the creation of two surreal scenes in his video for W Hotels Rome. In the first scene, the iconic Spanish Steps of the Trinit√† dei Monti in Piazza di Spagna are filled with hundreds of bouncing balls, while in the second, a veil covering a statue along the Tiber River is swept away by the wind, revealing its beauty. Both scenes required 3D photogrammetry scanning of the statue and the staircase, allowing us to manage optimized models throughout all subsequent phases up to compositing.”


Behind The Scenes

A brief behind-the-scenes video showcasing our VFX, along with a gallery featuring screen captures from our work in progress.


  • Client
    W Hotel
  • Director
    Oliver Astrologo
  • VFX
    Studio AIRA!